About Us

our mission.

Unpublished captures the Zimbabwean, and now African, story by giving the world access to information that is often overlooked. This is while creating a space for photographers to grow in their craft, publish and increase the visibility of their documentary work and build community.



what we do.

We encourage the growth of photographers to help them better tell stories that capture the Zimbabwean (and now African) narrative in an ethical way using a universal language


we are committed to:

Unpublished is committed to partnering with African photographers, curators and any organization to work together toward a shared goal adding to the development to the goals. We will facilitate and create programs and opportunities that allow photographers and creatives to grow in their craft, showcase their work and share the African story.


our story.

Unpublished is a platform that was initially created to simply share everyday Zimbabwe in photography form. Today, it has grown into a platform working to encourage, showcase and promote documentary photography. We are committed to creating and facilitating events and activities that encourage the sustained advancement of (documentary) photographers and their invaluable work. This is while prioritizing the growth of the African emerging visual storyteller.

Today, Unpublished is a publisher of documentary photography that collaborates with storytellers in order to find new and creative ways of uncovering and telling the African story. We empower communities in and around Zimbabwe by having conversations and asking questions where we were encouraged to follow the directive blindly. This is all while providing a space for like-minded creatives to build a community that encourages collaboration, curiosity, and confidence.